Our doctors are licensed to treat and manage most eyecare emergencies such as eye infections, metallic or dirt particles that get lodged in the eye, sudden loss of vision, etc. If you are a current patient of Olympia Vision Clinic and you feel you have an eyecare emergency that needs immediate medical attention, please contact our office at 360-357-6683.


  • Sudden loss of vision (painful or painless)
  • Increase in floaters, flashes of light, curtain coming over vision
  • Chemical in the eye*
  • Severe eye pain and/or redness
  • Foreign body in the eye**
  • Bleeding, severe head trauma
  • Trauma Abrasion of the eye
  • Sudden double vision
  • Poked in the eye

* If you have had a chemical exposure to the eye immediately flush eye(s) w/saline or tepid water for 15-30 minutes and call our clinic to be seen immediately.
** If you get something in the eye, do not rub or attempt to remove. Call our clinic to be seen immediately.